Associate Director/PMO Lead for BCS team

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Date Posted: 08-18-2017
About Us:

The Class Consulting Group is a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in SFO- Bay Area that provides consulting services to senior management and Board of Directors of nonprofit/ philanthropic organizations and offers community leadership opportunities to professionals. CLASS collaborate with our clients -- the Non Profit Organizations -- to help them realize their mission and create tangible value. CLASS offers business consulting services in marketing, strategy, human resources/ organization, finance & IT.

We are looking for motivated and committed individual to join as a Director to our volunteer-driven Team.

General Responsibilities:
• Assisting in developing strategic and operation plans by identifying short term and long term priorities
• Tracking KPIs and progress of strategic projects and presenting management reports to the board.
• Providing leadership to the team and encouraging leadership based culture
Presiding over the meetings and agenda of the team as well as tracking projects and ongoing activities.
• Ensuring appropriate communications and leveraging resources within the team and with other teams.
• Promoting volunteer engagement and representing at all events to foster inter-team relations and connectivity.
Specific Responsibilities:
• Lead and manage the divisions and projects within the division
• Mentor and provide leadership for team members
• Assign projects to volunteers based on competency and interests of volunteers 
• Program manage client projects
• Manage Practice Development Lead and PMO lead and communicate with them consistently on the team progress, challenges, commitment issues
• Provide new project planning based on BCS roles and functions 
• Update Board Chair of the team on progress, issues or challenges
• Manage continuous efforts in process improvements within the team

Education & Experience:
• MBA with at least 8+ years of professional experience in Management
• Advanced level of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Other requirements & Pre-requisites:
• 1+ yr of commitment for pro-bono position 
• Optimistic, Reliable and capable of fostering team work 
• Passionate & committed to serve community 
• Excellent Communicator 
• Good sense of humor 
• Honors CLASS's code of ethics 
• Contribute 4 - 5 hrs of work per week for project 
• Attend monthly meetings: 2 in person meetings (At Sunnyvale CA); 2 conference calls
• Leadership development opportunities
• Networking opportunities
• Group based learning

Type: Volunteer Job/Unpaid, Part-Time (Flexibility to work with your full time job)

If you are interested in above opportunity or any other opportunities, submit an online application form [ ] or just directly register with us []. Once we receive your request - our recruitment team would contact you to set up an informational session with you.
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