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Board Chair – Marketing

San Francisco South Bay Area, California · Volunteering/Non-Profit
About Us:
The Class Consulting Group is a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in SFO-Bay Area that provides consulting services to senior management and Board of Directors of nonprofit/philanthropic organizations. It also offers community leadership opportunities to professionals. CLASS collaborates with its clients - the Non-Profit Organizations to help them realize their mission and create tangible value. CLASS offers business consulting services in Marketing, Strategy, Human Resources/ Organization, Finance, and IT.
We are looking for motivated and committed individuals to join our volunteer-driven teams.
Position Type: Volunteering (All volunteering positions at Class Consulting Group are unpaid). Temporarily remote due to COVID-19.
General Responsibilities:
  1. Creation and implementation of integrated marketing & communications strategies and tactics.
  2. Maintenance and development of content (multi-media and editorial) for website, social media, email marketing, and promotional materials including:
    • News, blogs, press releases, educational materials, etc.
    • Edit and upload event photos/videos, and tweet during events.
    • Regularly maintain and update social networks with news and resources.
    • Cross-promote with members, sponsors, and partners.
  3. Communications and outreach efforts targeting clients, volunteers, program participants, sponsors, media and other interest groups for the purposes of recruitment, program messaging, fundraising, awareness, and branding.
  4. Email marketing, including maintaining mailing lists, member and media contacts.
  5. Curate and send out monthly newsletters to build on current CLASS brand and develop creative market outreach programs that will drive new business growth.
  6. Development of presentations, surveys and organizational reports, including analytics reports as required for email marketing, web and social media o Ensure consistent branding & design of collateral & promotional materials.
  7. Maintain and build relationships with key industry partners and members of the press in conjunction with team’s efforts.
  8. Evaluate effectiveness of marketing initiatives both internally and externally and provide support to the Client Relations and HR team as needed.
  9. Identify key speaking engagements for Board Members and community to help market and brand the organization.
Board Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for growth and sound governing the organization.
  2. Ensure Fulfillment of the mission of the organization.
  3. Strongly believes in and advocates organizational values.
  4. Set strategic direction and overall policy.
  5. Oversee and give final approval and evaluate the organization’s progress toward strategic goals and ensure sufficient resources.
  6. Act as ambassador for the organization.
  7. Promote the organization’s image and public standing.
  8. To establish an organizational culture that embraces strategic planning and sets clearly defined goals.
  9. Help promote diversity.
  10. Report to the Board President.
  11. Report to full Board regarding committee decisions and recommendations.
  12. Work closely with the Team Director and other volunteers.
  13. Assign work to the committee members, set the agenda, run regular meetings and distribute meeting minutes.
  14. Initiate and lead team evaluation and KPI.
Education and Experience
  1. Master’s degree in Business/Marketing/ Communications from a reputed business school.
  2. 15+ years of experience in the area of expertise with 8+ years of prior leadership background.
  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Comfortable working in an entrepreneurial environment and taking initiative.
  3. Desire to play role in CLASS’s growth strategy.
  4. Demonstrated effectiveness in meetings and task forces seen as a leader. 
  5. Fulfill required time commitment.
  6. Demonstrated interest/passion in the non-profit/social responsibility sector.
  7. Willing and able to make asks on CLASS’s behalf [ambassadors].
  8. Visionary future orientation.
  9. Good communication skills, open minded and articulate.
  10. Strong team builder and team member.
  11. Leadership skills.
  12. Self-confident and outgoing personality.
  1. Attend monthly board meetings.
  2. Attend Weekly team meetings: Virtual [MS Teams]
  3. Estimated time commitment: 10-15 hours/ month depending on the need.
  4. Minimum commitment requirement is 1 Term [3 years]
  1. Leadership development opportunities.
  2. Networking opportunities.
  3. Group based learning.
  4. Satisfactory volunteering experience.
The CLASS Consulting Group believes in equal employment opportunity and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status.

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